View all icon on your computer desktop, how Hyde

Today I'm telling the tricks he is very easy and at times knowing it is not the focus. If you are also like me any program to run a desktop shortcuts icon (shortcut icon) that keep your desktop screen in the recent would be exactly the same as mine too. if someday put a nice little picture you your desktop (wallpaper) would adorn the She will look like something below in the picture.

In fact this is so despite the shortcuts most used programs are 2-4 and had the icon simply comes another problem. this crowd to find those aiknas. most of the programs that come in their heavy usage menu click Start menu icon or menu link only first. now if we want to see the picture properly lagayi these Will need to remove all shortcuts (delete) but is an easy way to hide deleted without it bringing in use you can both enjoy, when did the heart icon hidden photo interesting and if they ever need to show an icon.

For this you need your desktop's right-click anywhere on the empty space, a page will look, you go to the link arenj aikans by mouse click or which will do all the menu will show a noticeable combinations is used if your desktop desktop icon - icon on the show. further you do right the same menu links at a time. just clickedRight out of your desktop clean and kinda sandzak will watch photo frame. and now you can have fun on the desktop picture hiding something like my desktop icon. eye felt -

For those of you who do not know how the picture in these lagayenge their desktop-
Desktop that is on the computer screen right click and then click on the link propartij (properties), a window open, click the Desktop tab in it. this window will look like

Just click the Browse button in your favorite photo by select OK, photo appearing on the desktop will look like in the photo are put into an attacking. put into an attacking you can select in the drop down.
[Note] these are Windows XP menu link to a friend, if you have an older computer opreting system the menu back and forth but their names must be the same. [\/note]