Block a website from your computer to (block) or anablok (unblock) how-to

Do you have a little too much time in studies leave siblings spend risk of thayyhari is.? Let's prepare to block the risk of thayyhari is..
Go tell the File Explorer on your computer, then you have to find the Drivers folder, for example, in Windows XP, these Drivers folder inside the C:\Windows\System32. now inside Windows XP dhundhiye folder etc. According to you when you receive the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc folder.

You'll see a file inside this folder will be named for the HOSTS file you have to change a little bit the file Notepad (Notepad) with the help of open it (double click if this file will be a window open which will ask you which program to open it with Notepad and select to open his support by dhundhiye to discover).

File open do you end it will be written - localhost
Just after the site to block the most at the end (that is, the file's last line) and write this way - www.orkut.com then Save file.

Now if you want to open in the browser at the risk of thayyhari is. so it will not open, similar to the site you can block adult content.

Again the risk of thayyhari is. use file and delete the line from www.orkut.com. any change to be sure not to SAVE changes after you. If your browser is already open HOSTS file changes were made to look close and then open it by first browsing to Trai.

I've seen Firefox and IE 8.0 by the test. mind you HOSTS file dhundhani, to change.