Know the difference between viruses and spyware

Your computer has two major enemies of Virus and Spyware think we both have the same, And install a free anti-virus program is not enough to make us feel safe.
Here I will try your way of telling what Virus and Spyware .

Its main task is to steal information from your computer without having to know .These are several ways to target your computer . USB pen drive is the fastest means of spreading them yet .
It's your computer ..Unwanted advertisements ,Theft of your important personal and business information ;Change the settings of your computerDamage by such means .
Most disturbing is the home page changed on your computer , slow down and crash your computer by your browser by installing additional equipment such as unwanted toolbars , additional folders on your computer , making your computer's registry settings and anti-virus Task Manager to close installed to prevent such actions .
Free Anti Virus Spyware protection is most do not .

These are programs that are meant to harm your computer .Jaydatr these crucial files on your computer and destroy data or damage to your computer hardware .
These are mostly spread through emails and software tools such as these are designed to fit himself outbreak .These interdependent computer or from your email account without having to come into your emails with your own information can spread very rapidly .
And at a certain time or immediately if any damage to your computer, sometimes too much so your whole computer is just worthless .
A good anti-virus to evade detection and that it is important not to inadvertently opened email .
It is both harmful for your computer to protect your computer, somePasekrc is better to buy a good antispyware antivirus program .

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