How to use a Gmail account in different ways Fetch

It is a hidden treasure of great use Google 's Gmail , of course you know that many of your Gmail account, you can create a Gmail account . In general, only one root will explain this so that you can remove several branches that is in many ways an account can change . First 'll tell you how I figured it out .

Mail to a Gmail account that I was like that , but the mail still mistakenly forgot to dot my real account ( ie, the dot ) is here. User.name explain by example , so I was trying to send the mail and I accidentally typed that username. To my mind when I saw it written before were written next to my email address Yes, this is you. Learn More. Just what we are learning here now and tell you that now .
Akaunt any of your Gmail with the help of a dot can change in different ways though you opened your account , which was the same as the original Akaunt . You are also able to log in to Gmail from the original ones . That is to say, Gmail Akaunt iamking@gmail.com. It will help to transform the dot then something like this can become email address - i.am.king @ gmail.com OR iam.king @ gmail.com OR iamking@gmail.com. Sought to address any of the mail that is Akaunt iamking@gmail.com they will come directly to your original . You are not logged in. Akaunt are beginning to dot ( if she did not open the account ) but you can definitely use them .
Actually this is possible because the dot in the Gmail username recognizes Characters so as not applying or removing the dot does not matter . With your original Akaunt dot dot so you can access it are also removed .
If you ever give your email address as your original dot in the Lgaiye ( or Htaiye ) and please give . The website address that will put your dot ie longer if they start sending your newsletter so that you do not want to go into settings can filter or can put in different folders .
I - with the regulator but it does not work , then let's look at the dot and pulse checking .

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