Among my post (with) How to advertise for free

Putting them on such advertising income expected (that is, clicking on them) is so much better for placing these ads. are the same code to tell you today that is very simple don't actually pass in the middle of this post. post early but his Alignment such that they post as well.

The code <DIV> in the box below tag copy her post just before the start of the sentences in the paste of flame. whatever ad <DIV> mid code or script (such as Google) and then put it in your post will look like my site ads are Aligned like that.

<div style="display:block;float:left;margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;">
You paste ad code here (enter your ad code here)

Sentences in the blog post code ...

Content like this before you blogar easily derived this code cannot change the template for him and starts where the post will be put before these sentences in. but these combinations is used that you blogar 2 post can put Google adsense in the middle of her Page Elements tab Layout to go in again - > Blog Post, click the Edit the Element to a new window Under Select Items which will open the Show Ads between posts - down combinations is used to select, it will select itself. it will appear immediately below Configure Inline Ads frame color, add the phormet and select. by Save, save template, Google ads will appear between the two credit.

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