Try the new Google Plus social networking site now

social media networks in the country is getting bigger. The reasons behind Google are good? Although Google's earliest experiments in the field of social network packing as many were not successful. But this time Google is getting into the act with all the preparations. Ugron 1 billion to entice social media network Google is now launching its social networking site Google Plus is the demo version. Search engine giant to challenge Facebook in the social networking arena is trying too hard.
An official post on the Google highlights of the demo site it's a start. We are trying a fresh round of testing has begun. By invitation we are trying to facilitate this process.
Google has introduced new services are related to Social Circle Circle has named plus. It also includes features which were inspired Twitter and social dialogue are linked to real life.
The Ugron to share all their social connections at once, rather than specific groups within a fixed circle have the permission to share with the featured items. The many circles can prepare your will And those of your friends and contacts by clicking their name in these circles can add drag. Google Web Confens which the option will be able to communicate with 10 people. Ugron through the Spark features on sport, fashion will be provided on topics such as web content and in terms of user interest with similar interests can share it with Ugron. Google Android smartphones and Google Plus mobile app for iPhone has been released, with special features such as cloud-based photo storage and the ability to mass message. A private album on Google Plus you can quickly upload photos and videos. The Huddle group chat feature into multiple people can interact.
New cadre
Google has many new experiments. The search engine company in the next few months Ugron will get to see more updates.