Many such settings on the computer that you could bring your system in people who use XP window is they often have to face everyday with this problamb it is problamb today's post late-opening window to the logo which your system is disturbed due to late opening,

If you want to open your Windows fast so first you were given word will write in Notepad to below,

delc:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q

They write it any name may include I thought save bat. this file is saved with the name bat went xpboot.. make the file after you click on the Start button to save by gpedit. msc is to write. gpedit. msc ok after writing. 


Ok will open a window containing your front when you click on the picture Settings after Windows according to Scripts (Startup\/Shutdown) is to click on the click after you 2 will come opshans.


Double click on the opsans from which you have to Shutdown double click click on the picture to Browse click on Add according to the add the Notepad file by that you felt was an add file save by bat. after OK.


Click on the Start button then click on Run and by type devmgmt msc Primary according to the picture above ... IDE Channel click on Advanced Settings after you click on the Device Type to None in the opsans again to select may OK by,


Secondary IDE Channel then click on Settings and then click on the Advanced Device to select None in the Type give OK by opsans

Now restart your system to change your system speed know these tricks yourself after your window will open much faster than before.