After 30 days there in IDM download files from where the download was stopped

Whenever we download a large file and if it does not Support and will Resume downloading if and if 70% to 80% if it skips over how we can Start back there? Whether they're in or any Download Manager why not 30 days old.

Today I am going to tell you a way such that all these problems.

                                                 Step 1
The download was stopped he still paused on your IDM and where there was that save. now you have to open your IDM and download of stop him you any Internet Browser (IDM) runs again and note do not start see picture ....


Step 2
When you download new again, you will get a new download box Step 1 has been in the picture in the new URL (http:\/\/sound3x.mp3pk].......) Be sure to copy it and then been your IDM to view Figure 2 open now and you will find some of the older downloads on there who was paralyzed at. ...


Step 3
Comes now the point is that you need to do so was paralyzed on that download and write his property (see Figure 2) will get you there ADDRESS written in the delete and copy your URL Address in the new download box was taken out and paste it here and click OK and then write back the same idle download, reusme download by clicking Your download will start from there whether some days later or if your download links Expire will start from there even been

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