Windows Xp Error Reporting Service

Computers have many such difficulties. Who often comes our lives. Windows Xp Error Reporting Service to issue a similar message comes. These messages are often exposed to us. Some people trying to close the message window again and put format.Format does not solve every problem. This is some trick, after which we can overcome the problem of the window is small
Today I remove Windows Xp Error Reporting Service messages are telling you the way.
So if you ever had a problem in front of you so you can do just fine without having to format.

To remove this message, you first have to click on My Computer Properties by right-mark.

The picture and click on the Advanced Error Reporting to click on. Disable error reporting by click on the picture to close ok. Then click on Apply to restart your system. To perform this trick ever Windows Xp Error Reporting Service, you will not encounter the message You'll get rid of this problem without having to format.