Trick to find your favorite mp3 songs photos.

Friends Today I have brought you a little trick. Most people know about this trick. No matter if you know, but for those who do not know I'm writing this post.Friends in this trick mp3 songs you can put your favorite photos.

You can find the mp3 songs is your favorite photos. But the photos you will see in a few specific media player.Such as window media player, vlc media player etc..If the songs will make friends in the photo, if you run into that mobile mp3 song appears in photo cell, but in your mobile window media player should have. Nokia is especially window media player in your mobile phone. Especially in Nokia's mobile, mp3 songs appear in the picture.How to proceed Now your favorite photos to be put mp3 songs.In the photo you want to find the songs played in the window media player.Now you go to view the menu in the Info center view you always show up to mark. As shown in the figure below, to better understand the big picture and see the mark.

Now you can tag info to the mark as shown in the diagram below.

 You can now edit tag info to the mark, as shown in the figure below. To better understand the big picture and see the mark.

Now you have to mark the pictures, if you already got a photo is Pleased to delete it, or else you have to add the button to mark, put your favorite photos. Photo impediment to mark the Apply button. And then switch off the window media player.

Now you can run again in the song window media player again.
If you want to see photo, right mouse on the screen of the window media player to mark.
And to mark the album art. Now you'll start to see the photo. See picture below to understand.

Mp3 songs of hope you will have learned to your favorite photos. You will be performing songs such as mobile phones, especially Nokia mobile phone which would have window media player, the songs you put up your picture will appear.

The computer will show the picture in some media players such as: - vlc media player, window media player, media player classic etc .....

The trick of course you liked this tell you about important ideas.