How to keep your device secure WiFi network!

Using WiFi in India is increasing. Office, XV, apart from the pital has just taind railway station now, you will find the convenience of WiFi phones, laptops or Tablet WiFi before using some things should be kept in mind in order lest slightest due Mari device power save all data to get into the wrong hands.

i can tell you 5 notes that will help you securely publishing link can use WiFi.

1. place the connection sharing opt off
Use WiFi whenever somewhere out there so your sharing opt to close forever. so a second your device by using WiFi it can't go to device settings persist connection sharing covers device in andis persist connection.

2. protect your password
My wifi password will always be unique, i.e. you wish appears strong. tulip can also create passwords, such as create and send the kipas and las have name application can download using your passwords safe with them to save too.

3. v PN
There are limitations to publishing the safest way of surfing the Internet in network VPN. but you must also Excise. VPN lets you access the Internet via an ID which is completely safe and hata your personal impharmeshan cannot share a second.

4. do not use the automatic WiFi hot pot
Automatic WiFi hot the pot or if you use the network again, you have no need of a connection but these way you find easy but BHEL atometing WiFi link network connection is not safe in publishing so your device to any network without your permission is not automatic elao.

5. run the software provided ontiveros
Whenever you use your WiFi PC install, of course, various antioxidants in vaiphai after use be sure to scan your PC to provide a time because sometimes the WiFi is the risk of the virus.

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