Windows 7 desktop, right click the Add option in the Control Panel

Computer control panel open very often we require and control panel to open us to click the Start button then click Control Panel in the open must While window but if you click on the desktop, go to control panel in write combinations is used to connect the control panel will feature in the open |
Control Panel to add click combinations is used to write the desktop computer to edit the registry.
First of all open the scoring box, run box, click the button to open the window R |
Open type regedit in run window While. exe and press OK |

After pressing OK you will open the registry file in the computer, you can click the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell |
Shell to write, and then click new and key
Key after you click new folder will appear below the icon of a shell name changed control panel and then click the control panel to write and new key once and then click below the Control Panel now another new folder will also give him change the name of icon command name command to save a click and then cardona | now write Panel in window Click default to write and click modify. After you click modify another small window will open if the value data of rundll32 shell32. exe dll huve box type, Control_RunDLL. or copy paste and press OK.
Perfecting work done now close registry window and click my computer on the desktop, click Desktop, you write in the control panel combinations is used to write will come eye |
The registry is very risky to edit a small mistake you might therefore registry edit window crypt very patience and careful