To avoid spreading viruses from pen drive is a measure of

Right now other than one pen drive viruses and spyware in the computer do. They contain a good anti-virus program is a measure on the need to prepare and make.

Most viruses and spyware auto run pen drive files are on your computer by install as soon as you put a pen drive auto run through these combinations is used to automatically will come to your computer.
Avoid removable media on your computer to auto-run combinations is used to disabled.
You go to your pen drive data my computer will take your computer is safe to see trouble.

Auto run will help to small tools combinations is used as it is used on many auto know about scoring disabled.

To install this program
Now All Windows Xp Powertoys Tweak UI For > > Programs
Start visiting it.
Now My Computer click on Auto Play > > Types
Combinations is used For Removable Drives right uncheck Enable Autoplay.
Click Apply to save your settings.

Only 147 KB of these tools.

Click here to download it.

Note This tool is for Windows XP only.