How to make your computer faster and safer

Today you got from one of my favorite should. A helpful tool to make your computer faster and safer will help.

Some of the main reasons being the computer is slow
Start Up Programs- these are programs that start as soon as your computer takes to run there are a lot of programs that you don't need on your computer slows your computer become as hidden.

Temprory Files- these files that a computer that is running any program or computer is temporarily makes them later special is not used on your hard disk is filling up to 4 GB in many computers are replaced.

Prepare your Windows registry Problems Registry-a part and which also comes with problems.

And it's an instrument you can provide freedom from all these problems.
It is also very easy to use.
Install the program.
Now your main picture window above.
This window uncheck the Windows Sequrity Analysis (if you haven't done so, these programs will take to download Windows updates)

Click on Scan now down combinations is used to
You start the Internet Explorer plug-ins and ap programs, unwanted programs that can damage your computer came to a list.
Something like this
Now the program and plug-ins you do not work they choose by clicking in the check box on the bae.

Note do not select the anti-virus program or run amok will not start on a computer anti-virus program, and your computer will be vulnerable.

Now click Repair combinations is used. Now you'll start your computer the next time they start early and fast too.

To fix Registry Problems Registry Cleanup tab in the main window, click on
Click on the below combinations is used to Scan.
Upon completion click on Scan Clean Registry problems will be overcome.

Temprory Files similar to delete from your computer in the main window, click on the tab Privacy Cleanup
Click on the below combinations is used to Scan.
Click on the Clean Scan is complete.

Just 4.5 MB size useful tools.

Click here to download it.

New download link here.