What is Registry Editor?

The registry editor will be heard by all the name of computer users but
There are very few people know about. A special tool of Windows Registry Editor.
It is a database that contains our computer's operating system, software,

Hardware etc. all settings and informants reserved. we system
Any kind of settings, that it is safe. the computer
Any way to make changes in the registry editor itself.
But it is very delicate tool is your complete minor fault system.
Or a program or hardware may stop working when we change
The Control Panel does not have the kind of warning is rather save
New users should refrain from manipulating the until the whole
Our blog has many tips and tricks associated with the registry editor
Is he used very carefully. In any kind of Registry Editor
Before you change the registry bekaap of course must take in order to be fucked
Back to restore. This way we will tell in the next post.
To open registry editor go to start menu, click run.
Type-in box, now regedit then OK. so you
The Registry Editor window will open.