Login to block websites without software

What's your baby Facebook, orkut etc social networking sites
Spend some more time on it and not focus on studying or
Your younger brother Rob lived at Hustler mean hidden porn sites
So don't bother hoie. In a way that allows you to block any site

First go to start then click run now in the box it
Type c:\/windows\/system32\/drivers\/etc then OK. so what
Will hosts a file name window will open it with notepad
Those files will open in a Notepad open now. now at the bottom of these written
Will happen look below it now simply write localhost is the website block by then space his whole
Address rewriting to refer to the picture below;.
Similarly you can to block many sites simultaneously
There are a number of completely rewritten just IP address and type the name of the site
. Now come out of Notepad and save typed.
Now the chart of your block sites on your computer to any
Don't see the show hosts sites. in written
Is it hitting Delete.