Disk defragmenter tools-home computer's perfomance

Windows XP is a very useful tool Difregment disk . TheWork to organize computer files lying in haphazard .Our computer is causing a lot of empty space . Computer SpeedBecomes faster . Programs open faster . Overall, our computerPrfomens is great . Difregment or at least once a weekOnce a month, one should not forget .

Go to first start to run Difregment . SubsequentMouse over all programs . now in program list again accessoriesMove the mouse to the system tools and click disk defragmenter .Now a window will open in front of you , like disk defragmenter .All of your hard disk drives etc. It will appear CDEF .Now right click on the drive and click to defragment .Now Difregment and 15 -20 minutes and will be current . MoreWill organize all files . Now on all drives other similarPlay the Difregment .Run Difregment note that your every drive space by 15 %Must be . 're Not the space to remove redundant files .