Yahoo mail, how email in pholdaras organs

After you create the Folder Options, click the Option by clicking in the Mail (they will get the top write), which will open a new page in the left hand on the filter Filters shouts click on links to the right you may "Pardon our appearance during construction ...", then get to see something like below, click the Create or Edit Filter link a new window will open in which you see the list of elegant philtaras. Add here Click on the new page will be displayed with the name of the filter type (e.g. your friend's name). After first 
conditioning From the Header next to the friend's email address: type Contains (or is it just @yahoo. com, all email from this domain this filter will let in by the folder). No need to select Match Case means that A will and a different mane does not need to provide all air-conditioned.. AND if it will work like this.


Method is very simple, first create a folder or the name of the Friends Group, for instance, an email from Yahoo account folder, make a Gmail Folder My folder in to click on a link to ADD on.
THEN then given a folder from the drop-down please select the folder with the email address of the friend's name written above. Just be sure to save it by clicking the Add Filter, next time it will be sent via email in the same folder.
Try different Kanbineshn You can see this filter, it will become Idea how this works. You can create a maximum of 100 filters only in Yahoo

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