How to create folder and email in Gmail, how organs

Technically in Gmail folder cannot charette, Google has its place on the label by phaisliti but like the folder labeled derived a way to.

First of all, whether friend charette label name in the label\/folders, email, send an email to a group or a place to collect one of the Yahoo name labels like I.. label to charette left side in Edit link below the label box, click the Label or Settings - click > Labels.

To create a label, you have to create a filter Filter, Filter to charette first page and email address or just domain like Maine. then Next Step click next page to select only two combinations is used to check\/you - the first Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the Label, then subsequently on drapdaun and select the label in the box and where to send the email to setisphai conditioning filters.


This page contains the old setisphai mail filter will be air-conditioned to the number if paying these combinations is used if you apply the filter to the old email too. just click on Create Filter button now, next time you will replace those who email the inbaks label (or folder) will do.

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