Do you back up your blog regularly, no!

Sometimes your post or blog is a problem, you can easily backup the complete file of the entire blog can prepare in minutes (including comment found in postas). To back up, and then it is very easy to restore full posts or blog.
I mean here is not from the template of the blog backup but also content that is found on your posts and comments.

First of all see how take backup but before I'll feedback you create a directory or folder on your computer, for example, "my blog backup, if you have more than one blog for each blog inside it all - create a backup folder then it is time for this is a place to store backups every time. you may want to continue to write the same file over Or by name to save the date.
To back up the log in your blogar account and then click on the tab of the stanzas and then click on the link you need basic first will do for Export back in blog tools. click link and blog or Blog post to restore Import Blog click the link.

When you click on these links to Export Blog download blog click on that button will do blogar your blog back to the xml file to save as file in your blog just so. all data posted or later to restore Import Blog to blog by this file select.

Now if you import data from another blog to the new blog at
New from blog dashboard, charette


Then click on the Advanced Options in the Import Blog Tool then select the file of the same Export.


If you import these data into your Existing blog to do so

It has to import in the blog Settings for | Go to the Basic tab on front of the basic Import Blog tool click the link all process the same xml file from that computer's select click the aiport by blog.

To import live on opshan, a atometik the same time, the import of postas Publish Wizard, then you were given before the import blog button to select the check box.


Or post import, select one by one by the Publish Wizard, you Posting | Edit Posts tab and these can be imported as drafts in your postas.