Learn the Internet are chatting on man's location

It is said that the IP address did not know chatting because many information is passed to the server.
Thing is perfect, but still it is possible to have his way and file transfer tracing.
If you are chatting while sending a file in a way that the front or refuse to accept so you can trace his IP address can learn its location 

Because file transfer is direct contact both at the time of the computer, so that you can trace his IP address |
File whether a photo, or a text file or anything, just keep in mind that file transfer time you can do that.
So let's know how this work can be done.
File transfer-prompts, type in commands at the time of "netstat" |
Now the list you'll see that something like this that ... ...

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP kick:1244 msgr-ns39.msgr.yahoomail.com:1985 ESTABLISHED
TCP kick:1257 msgr-sb46.msgr.yahoomail.com:1985 ESTABLISHED

Here come yahoo mail using Yahoo Messenger that I mean, if you use Messenger or gtalk, so her details |
The list that is your first line of host server aplikeshan chatting |

And the second line indicates that you are going to be using the room.
Go down this list and you will find some type of line

"host82-7-106-237.ppp.***.****.com" या “256..65.72.8”
Now you find the catalog number from the IP blacklist any site and would you know sitting in front of the location.
But remember these work just rakhiyega data transfer can be carried out at lunchtime.
Of course it is letting your job post.